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The pelvis, or pelvis, is the lower part of the human body, between the abdomen, above, and the thighs, below.

The pelvis includes: the bones of the pelvis, which form a structure also known as the pelvic girdle; the pelvic cavity, which is the space enclosed by the pelvic girdle; the pelvic floor, which is basically the base of the pelvic cavity; finally, the perineum, which is the anatomical area under the pelvic floor.pelvis pelvis

The female pelvis has some differences from the male pelvis, especially as regards the arrangement of the pelvic bones and the internal space that these bones create (pelvic cavity). These differences are related to reproduction and to the fact that the female pelvis is the site of development and growth of the fetus.

The pelvis has three important functions: it supports and, at the same time, loads the weight of the upper body on the lower limbs; it hosts joints and muscles fundamental to locomotion and upright posture; finally, it encloses and protects organs such as the bladder, urethra, rectum, uterus (in women), ovaries (in women), fallopian tubes (in women), prostate (in men) ) etc.

What is the pelvis?The pelvis, also known as the pelvis or pelvic region, is the lower part of the human body, placed between the abdomen (in the upper position) and the thighs (in the lower position).Anatomy

The pelvis includes:The bones of the pelvis (or pelvic bones);The pelvic cavity, space resulting from the particular arrangement of the pelvic bones;The pelvic floor, which forms the basis of the pelvic cavity;The perineum, located below the pelvic cavity.BONES OF THE PELVIS

The bones of the pelvis are 4: the sacrum, the two iliac bones and the coccyx.
In relating to each other, the bones of the pelvis give life to an anatomical structure of an oval shape, which experts define with the term pelvic girdle. The pelvic girdle represents the connection between the so-called axial skeleton (consisting mainly of the skull, rib cage and spine) and the lower limb skeleton.


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