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October 8th, 2015. The first meeting of the Polish Arthroscopic Society will be held on 20-21.11.2015 at the Mazurkas Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki. The society has been established in May 2014 and it is a nation-wide initiative. Below you will find the link to the event’s details, and the cover letter regarding the event written by Marcin Domżalski, the President of the Polish Arthroscopic Society and the organisation’s Founding Members.

In May of 2015 on the initiative of the Founding Committee and its members a self-reliant independent Polish Arthroscopic Society was established in Warsaw. Despite the fact that the Society has only been active for several months, it has already become a nationwide initiative involving many orthopaedic centres. For years now, during our meeting with colleagues from abroad, we have discussed the need to create a broad platform, which objective would be the exchange of ideas and experiences, scientific cooperation, and promoting EBM in the field of arthroscopic treatment of locomotor system. Now, thanks to the determination of many people, we have managed to successfully set up the Society.


Following the completion of the registration process in September 2015, the Society has started its practical activity. The basis for its operations is the policy of the French Arthroscopic Society (SFA). The aim is to bring together specialists who are practically involved in arthroscopic procedures. The 16 founding members decided to organise the Meeting of the Society already in its first year of operation. It will be held on 20-21 November 2015 in Ożarów Mazowiecki, a small town to the west of Warsaw. The topics discussed during the Meeting cover a broad spectrum of arthroscopic topics and issues.

The Programme Committee of the Congress includes the most valued Polish specialists in the field of arthroscopic surgery of the joints. They prepared lectures of instructional nature, mainly containing practical information. Topics will include all available to arthroscopy joints, problems concerning articular cartilage and patellofemoral joint, and the matter of selecting grafts for ACL and multiligamentous reconstructions. The arthroscopic surgery of the wrist and spine will be discussed as well.

As the founding members we will do our utmost best to make it possible for our Polish Arthroscopic Society to become a full-fledged and important member of the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery & Arthroscopy (ESSKA).

Marcin Domżalski

The President of the Polish Arthroscopic Society along with the PTAerto Founding Members.

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